Style Match: You and Your Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer for your project will tie together the ultimate vision for your home, but choosing someone to convey your personality through design can be a daunting task! Erin Sander joined us in our latest video to discuss some tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing your interior designer.

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Erin suggests that, while most designers have stylistic tendencies and strengths, many of them can do a variety of styles or translate their own style into a variety of looks. Of course, some designers specialize in a style and only that style, such as a super traditional or contemporary look. As you meet with potential fits, be on the lookout for if they are valuing their own style over your family’s vision.

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Once you choose an interior designer, it’s important to remain open with and to trust your designer. The most successful designer client relationships are those in which the client places their trust in the designer to make decisions on your behalf. Show your designer images of what you like, even hundreds of them! When it comes to design, it can be hard to put what we like into words. If that’s the case, let the photos do the talking! At the end of the day, your entire home building team just wants you to feel proud of and love your home.

{Erin Sander Design}

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