Design in Mind: Her Space

In honor of yesterday's celebration of the mothers in our lives, we wanted to share some inspirational spaces for what we call "her space". This space is a favorite of ours in homes we build. Sometimes an office nook, sometimes a reading corner, sometimes just the end of a hallway, wherever it is, she deserves it. A little space for working, running the home and (hopefully) some moments alone. Enjoy!


The space can work well when it's grand and out in the open (below left) and when it's sleek and minimal (below right).


Great round windows in these two examples below.

We got to thinking that some ladies/mothers/women might need a more elaborate space...even more separate.
Wouldn't the lady of the house LOVE to have her own little reading room or patio, completely separate from the (chaos of) the house?
This example below is fun too. Instead of building a "her space" in her home, artist Julie Montgomery converted an old airstream trailer into a reading room/art studio/retreat for herself.
Read the whole story here. Nice!

Inspired and in love with our job,

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