Creative Kid Designs for Modern Living

If there’s one thing we learned from Jen Coats in “Creative Kid Designs for Modern Living” it’s that you need storage, storage, and more storage!

Keeping a home clean and organized while having 5 kids is near impossible, but when you’re the owner of a luxury custom home building company and are showing your home every other day, there isn’t another choice! In our latest YouTube video, Jen Coats shared her tips on how to design your home in a seriously stylish and kid-friendly way.

  1. Keep your children’s personalities in mind: Do your kids love to spend time together or are they bound to get into a tiff? Do they like art and reading? Or do they prefer to build and play? When designing the kid’s bedrooms, Jen did a great job of creating functional spaces that would compliment her children’s personalities. Her boys love to spend time together, therefore, a removable curtain is between their beds. Her girls and boys love building Leggos and displaying their creations! Jen opted for tables and storage instead of desks for this reason.                                                                                                                                                                 {Coats Homes shot by Nathan Schroder}                                                                                                                                                            
  2. Build for age (& height): Closets are a space that can easily become a mess! To try and avoid this Jen made sure she chose child friendly features in the kid’s closets. This included shorter dressers and hanger rods and counter space to display trinkets and toys. Sometimes, however, messes are inevitable, and you just need to cover them up. To motivate her children to close the closet doors, Jen chose automatic lights that go on when the door is open and off when the door is shut.                                                                                  {Pinterest
  3. Choose function AND beauty: The easiest way to keep a space looking organized, is to have plenty of storage options. Toys and clutter are bound to build up in the game room, but Jen made sure to have storage within storage to avoid this! Inside of her built-in cabinets and drawers, are baskets for each type of toy. To make this relatively small space feel bigger, Ben and Jen chose to not put up any walls and to add an upper level patio right off the game room.                                                                                  {Coats Homes shot by Nathan Schroder}

Having a sleek modern home with kids comes down to having plenty of storage and the willingness to stay on top of organization. The more intention put behind your storage design on the front end of your build will lead to an easier time maintaining your organization. As Jen pointed out, her family is really living here! It can’t be staged all the time, but she proves that designing a sleek modern home with kids is certainly possible and absolutely beautiful.

Inspired and in love with our job,

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