Created to Create

Art is a key part of personalizing your space and elevating your style. It’s no secret that how you decorate can also affect how you feel. Carolyn Daniel creates big, beautiful, and bright paintings that evoke happiness and excitement! Not only do the colors create an ambiance of happiness, but Carolyn has a beautiful passion and a fun painting process that is reflected in her work, which includes standing on elevated surfaces while she splashes paint on to her canvas. In our latest episode of our extended videos series, “Created to Create”, Carolyn touches on many different topics including her own process and how to become an artist yourself.

While Carolyn, attended college to major in painting, she recognizes that getting an education in your art isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, it just takes picking up a paint brush and getting started. Especially now, Carolyn points out, social media provides a platform for anyone to show off their work. However, learning classic technique by taking classes is always a plus to master your craft!

Carolyn will join us again soon to further the conversation about how social media is playing a major role in transforming the art world. In the meantime, we encourage you to run to the craft store, pick up some supplies, and give painting a try! Here are some if our favorite painting tutorials to get you started:

Abstract Art Tutorial for Beginners

Acrylic Painting Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Painting Supplies”  

You can shop Carolyn’s work here:


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