Covid Era Home Trends That are Here to Stay

The year 2020 changed a lot of things, one of which being how we live and work in our homes. While Covid may be making it's way out, Coats Homes is rounding up some of our favorite 2020 trends that are here to stay:


Our business saw a huge uptake in remodels in 2020 and we have yet to see a slow down! Early on in 2020 we saw this due to people being forced to stay at home, therefore needing to make their spaces work for a variety of functions; home schooling, working from home, working out at home, etc. Today, we are seeing this increase more so due to a lack of available lots to build new custom homes on. This has caused people to stay where they are and freshen up the space they’re in.

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Home Offices

For many companies nationwide, working from home is here to stay. Home offices have shifted from an optional luxury to an absolute necessity for nearly all of our clients. When designing a home office, keep in mind privacy, sound proofing, and re-sale value. While we believe home offices are here to stay, adding a closet and full bathroom to your home office, so that it can function as an extra bedroom, will get you some extra bang for your buck when it’s time to re-sell.

{Built by Coats Homes, Interior Design by Erin Sander Design, Architecture by SHM Architects, Photo by Nathan Schroder}

Home Gyms

“Covid Pounds” are real thanks to many gyms and studios closing down and/or having limited class space. Many of our clients took the issue into their own hands by making space for at-home gyms! With an at-home gym, you’re guaranteed to have the exact equipment you want and eliminate travel time (which equates to eliminating excuses!). We’ve also seen many clients turn at-home gyms into an opportunity to entertain by hosting private exercise classes with friends or by adding in virtual reality features like golf simulators to make for the perfect guy’s night.

Investing in Entertainment

From outdoor spaces and sport courts to putting greens and decked out cocktail bars, our clients are investing in entertainment spaces! There’s no better time to make your home fit for family and friends than after a year of separation. Our historically favorite entertainment space we’ve built is the custom bowling alley at our Beverly project!

{Built by Coats Homes, Interior Design and Architecture by SHM Architects, Photo by Nathan Schroder}

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