Commission Art at Your Fingertips

You’ve heard us talk before about commissioning art, like the mural in Ben’s home, but what does that mean to someone not in the art world? Commissioning art is the process of working directly with an artist to create a custom piece of art for your space. Together, you will dream up the story you want portrayed and how you want to feel in your space. Once you can answer those questions, your artist will then work with you to determine the size, scale, and subject matter of the piece. Pricing for a commissioned piece of art is set by the artist. Carolyn determines her pricing based on size, scale, and the timing you need it by. For example, perhaps you want a piece done before you host a holiday at your home, Carolyn could charge a rush fee. If you’re considering commissioning a piece of art, you should also be prepared for a wait list. Artists only have one pair of hands! Carolyn’s waitlist is typically several months.

This process leads to the question of who determines an artist’s monetary value? The answer these days is a bit more complicated than it used to be. Galleries do still set a precedent of price for artist’s works, but publications also will value artists that they come across at shows. Social media is also playing a major role in the art world. Today, artists of all backgrounds and pedigrees can display their works to the world without getting a spot in a gallery. More importantly, art lovers can seek out artists and communicate directly with them to create their perfect piece. Social media has democratized the viewing and purchasing of art and has made art accessible to a wider audience and reaches a new generation.

Below are some of our favorite projects that feature show stopping art.


Northwood 21 & 4


Lindenwood builder 18 & 3


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