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Commission Art at Your Fingertips

You’ve heard us talk before about commissioning art, like the mural in Ben’s home, but what does that mean to someone not in the art world? Commissioning art is the process of working directly with an artist to create a custom piece of art for your space. Together, you will dream up the... Read more »

Created to Create

Art is a key part of personalizing your space and elevating your style. It’s no secret that how you decorate can also affect how you feel. Carolyn Daniel creates big, beautiful, and bright paintings that evoke happiness and excitement! Not only do the colors create an ambiance of happiness,... Read more »

On Trend is Art That Speaks to You

What a treat was our last episode in the video series! In case you missed it, artist, Carolyn Daniel, joined Ben Coats to discuss what is on trend in the art world. Art is a huge part of the design process and what personalizes a space. While some art pieces featured in our homes are especially... Read more »