Where to Splurge and Save

When taking on a home building or home improvement project, we all wish we had an unlimited budget to make our dream home come alive. However, an unlimited budget is not exactly realistic…at all. So, this leaves many people asking, “where should I splurge and where should I save?” Project manager, Allison Mcafee, answers just that in the first episode of our extended video series on YouTube! She is the perfect person to tackle this topic after so many years in the industry and working with all types of budgets. Let’s break down Allison’s recommendations on splurging and saving.

Splurge: Hinges

Splurge: Drawer glides

Splurge: Door knobs

Splurge: Plumbing fixtures

Splurge: Wood flooring

Save: Furniture

Save: Light fixtures

Save: Tile

In summary, we recommend “splurging” on the items attached to your home that you are likely to touch or use on a daily basis. As Allison points out, buying a cheap door knob the wiggles, jiggles, and breaks, is only going to frustrate you and probably have to end up being replaced anyways. Similarly, wood floors are a must in the “splurge” category because if you were to have to re-do them, it’s timely and you would most likely have to move out for a period of time, costing you more money in the end. An exception to the rule of thumb of splurging on items attached to your home is an item like a light fixture. While a light fixture is attached to your home, you do not touch it every day and as log as it is safe and functions, it’s okay to save here! Similarly, tile does not need to be a splurge! Subway tile is typically affordable and provides a clean, modern look. Allison recommends buying a simple, cheap tile and installing it in a unique way to make it look for expensive.

For Allison’s full range of tips on where to splurge and where to save, check out the video on our YouTube channel!

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