Value in Interior Designers

The decision-making process is one of the biggest challenges of building a custom home. However, hiring an interior designer can be one of the best investments you make to help, not only create a beautiful home, but to ease the stress that comes with the process of so many decisions. A good interior designer will work with you, your builder, and your architect from the beginning to the end of the process to create a cohesive and functional space. They will help keep the project moving along the right timeline and help you make decisions quicker than you could on your own. Not only can an interior designer add value to your project by making the process easier for you and create a breathtaking space visually, but they can actually save you a ton of money! Interior designers receive industry discounts at most retailers and showrooms. You can hear more about the value of having an interior designer on your team directly from Dallas designer, Erin Sander, in the latest episode of our video series here and check out more of Erin's work on her website