Traditional Materials on a Modern Home

As the saying goes, opposites attract, and that doesn’t stop at people or physics. In the latest episode of our video series, David Stocker discusses how he chose to use traditional materials to create a modern design on our Stonegate project.

Shingles have historically been associated with the East coast, dancing on the homes of the Hamptons and Nantucket. Shingles are certainly considered a traditional material, but they don’t have to be used that way. David used this traditional material in a non-traditional way by combining it with modern metal and steel elements. Also, notable, is the fact that cedar shingles are typically painted. The shingles on this home are in their natural state, which means they will actually turn into a beautiful gray color as the sun bakes them over time. Other traditional materials being used in modern design today are bamboo, shiplap, and terrazzo. When designing your home, don’t be afraid to do something different or to push the boundaries of traditional design. Design progresses when people try new things, like David and the cedar shingles on Stonegate.

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{Built by Coats Home | Architecture by SHM Architects | Design by Erin Sander | Landscape by Paper Kites Studio | Photograh by Nathan Schroder}

The shingles on this home are sourced from Cedar Valley.


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