There’s No Place Like Home

At Coats Homes, we always say that a home should be personal, it should inspire you. One way to achieve this vision is to incorporate items of personal value into a space. Adding personalized touches around your home does not mean sacrificing high end design quality, in fact, it can oftentimes enhance the overall aesthetic and experience of living.

Change Up Your Hardware

Replacing hardware, like knobs and handles, with individual ones discovered at flea markets and boutiques will create an eclectic and one of a kind design in your space. Most importantly, however, each piece will have a story that’s personal to you.


Source: Anthropologie

Source: Etsy

The Art of Travel

Our project on Beverly is a great example of using art to personalize your home. Throughout their travels, this family amassed a large and extremely unique collection of art. They even commissioned artists to do pieces for them that they encountered along the way. Collecting pieces through travel allows you to display memories throughout your home in more ways than just photographs.


{Builder: Coats Homes | Architecture and Interiors: SHM Architects | Photography: Nathan Schroder}

Turn the Old into the New

A new home doesn’t always mean new furniture. Refinishing and painting a piece that is special to you won’t only transform it into the statement piece of your space, but it is a great conversation starter. How fun is it to say, “this was actually my first dresser in my first apartment!”


Source: Pinterest


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