The Style Rule of Fixtures

When it comes to fixtures, there are so many options to choose from! From brass to glass, it’s easy to make a stunning statement using unique hardware on your door handles, drawer pulls, and beyond. With any statement piece, however, it can be tempting to go overboard and lose consistency in design. So, what are the style rules of fixtures? In the latest episode of our Coats Homes video series, Allison McAfee shares her design guidelines for mixing and matching while maintaining a cohesive design. We’ve broken it down below:

  1. Door Hardware: Match

                    Pro Tip: Same finish and different shape is okay, but don’t change finish and color

       2. Plumbing Fixtures with Door Hardware: Don’t Match

                   Pro Tip: Seek consistency by having some fixtures match the finish of the door handles

       3. Be YOU! If your design feels right to you, then there are no rules!

In the end, there are no perfect set of rules to follow in order to create your dream design. Just because it looks good on paper, doesn’t mean it automatically looks good in real life! We highlight unique hardware in one of our previous blogs, “There’s No Place Like Home”. The Kuotes, a blog by Kathy Kuo Home, is another great resource on the do’s and don’t of mixing metals, which can easily be applied to fixtures. Check it out here

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{Built by: Coats Homes // Architecture by: SHM Architects // Interiors by: Collins Interiors // Photo by: Nathan Schroder}


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