The Process: Building Your Dream Team

Building a custom home takes a village. The number of roles to fill can seem daunting—each project requires a builder, architect, interior designer, landscape architect, and a very big family of subcontractors and vendors. So how do you assemble the perfect dream team to build your dream home?


The Fantastic Four

In our last blog in this series, "Choosing a Builder," we looked at the benefits of selecting a builder first to streamline the home building process. Starting with your architect, interior designer, or landscape architect, however, has some similar benefits. Primarily, once you've hired the first of your "fantastic four," they will be able to connect with other home building professionals who they know would be a good fit based on your style and budget. Depending on who you choose to work with, they may even help you set up interviews!


As you conduct your interviews, be sure not to skip out on technical questions about availability, similar project experience, company structure, and communication methods, as well as budgeting and billing strategies.

Your "fantastic four" are the biggest players on your dream team, so it's absolutely essential that their approach matches your needs and expectations.


Builders and Bidding

Once you've chosen your fantastic four, you'll find that the rest of your dream team falls into place! As you work with your architect and landscape architect to develop plans, your builder will begin to "bid out" the materials and labor needed to begin construction with subcontractors of all trades. In short, it's the builder's job to assemble the rest of your team.

Your builder will compare pricing, quality, and the level of finish-out offered by various subcontractors of the same specializations until the best choice has been determined for every element from brick supply to plumbing labor. Your builder will also work with your interior designer as you make design selections to negotiate pricing and shipping details as needed.

As your dream team continues to grow and takes shape, so will your dream home!

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