Santa’s Favorite Fireplaces

The holiday season is here—Christmas music is playing on the radio, friends and families are gathering for holiday meals, and all our favorite neighborhoods are twinkling with Christmas lights. Santa will be off on his annual house hop soon enough and we can hardly wait.

A little elf told us Santa’s favorite part of any home is its fireplace, so we’re starting off our Christmas count down with a look at some of the Big Man’s Coats Homes favorites. What makes for the perfect fireplace? Keep scrolling to find out!


{Construction: Coats Homes | Architecture: Jerry Coleman | Interior Design: Wylly Goodson | Photography: Costa Christ}

Detail and contrast make this first fireplace pop. The pristine white mantel and herringbone-patterned brick add their own textures and depth to an already colorful, beautiful space.


{Construction: Coats Homes | Architecture: Wilson Fuqua | Interior Design: Theresa Rowe | Photography: Nathan Schroder}

This fireplace, also featuring herringbone-patterned brick, blends beautifully with the calm, natural tones of the room.


{Renovation & Interior Design: Coats Homes and Neal Stewart Designs | Photography: Nathan Schroder}

Notice something missing? Yep, no mantel! And there's no need for one here—this tall fireplace highlights the height and openness of the space. We also love the dramatic contrast of the black firebox.


{Construction & Interior Design: Coats Homes | Architecture: Paul Turney | Photography: Costa Christ}

Brick and tile are popular picks for fireplace materials, but we love thinking outside the box. This fireplace features soapstone and we're huge fans of the bold, dramatic veining. A closer look at the soapstone:


{Construction & Interior Design: Coats Homes | Architecture: Paul Turney | Photography: Costa Christ}


Now for the important question—which do you think will be Santa's favorite?


Inspired and in love with our job,

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