Salvaged Trees To Hardwood Floors

Those of us in new home construction are no strangers to demolition. Especially in the Park Cities, building a beautiful new house often means replacing another, older home. And as exciting as new beginnings are, demolition is a messy, destructive process! So when we found out there's an easy way to take existing trees that would otherwise be added to a trash pile to make room for a larger house and turn them into custom flooring and millwork, well we kinda freaked out.

Long story short, our friends at Hardwood Design Company are the fairy godmothers of trees. They take salvaged trees and turn them into everything from hardwood flooring to custom beams, timbers, and stair treads:

Most of their materials come from dead standing timber or trees being cleared for development and agriculture across small-town Texas. But lucky for us, when we called them to Dallas, they answered.

The process began with a striking pecan tree on one of our client's properties. Instead of sending it off with the rest of the demolition debris, we called in the experts! The Hardwood Design team came out to load up the logs, then took them on a road trip down to the Hardwood Design Co. sawmill facility outside College Station, TX.

Our clients and two of our project managers followed to see the process for themselves. They watched as the logs were loaded into the mill and cut into long pieces of lumber and sorted and organized for storage. The lumber will stay at the facility for 5 months to air dry and another month to kiln dry before being cut down into smaller planks. 


And just like that, we'll receive a delivery of custom hardwood flooring made from the very tree that grew on our client's lot. All that's left is install, and on-site stain and finish. Stay tuned for the final results!


Inspired and in love with our job,

Coats Homes