On Trend is Art That Speaks to You

What a treat was our last episode in the video series! In case you missed it, artist, Carolyn Daniel, joined Ben Coats to discuss what is on trend in the art world. Art is a huge part of the design process and what personalizes a space. While some art pieces featured in our homes are especially commissioned for the family by artists, including the masterful blue piece in the background of this episode, Carolyn introduces viewers to the option of a giclee. A giclee is an “artist term” for a print or reproduction. This is a more affordable alternative to an original or commissioned piece of art. When it comes to forming an art collection in your home, Carolyn gives great examples of what to include; photographs, items picked up on travel, something sculptural or whimsical, and a colorful piece of contemporary art. The one thing these items should all have in common is that they speak to you as an individual. You can get in touch with Carolyn about commissioning a piece of work or purchasing a giclee on her website here! Stylist, Emily Henderson, also has tons of resources on where to find afforadble art for your home on her blog titled, "Affordable Large Scale Art and How to Get it in Your Home". If you haven't subscirbed to our YouTube channel yet, be sure that you do to ensure that you never miss an episode of our video series. If you are subscribed, thank you, we have so much more content coming your way!

{Giclees available for purchase on Carolyn's website}

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