Must Have Home Features

What better question to ask one of our favorite architects than what his 3 must have home features are! If you can’t “do it all”, David Stocker of SHM Architects says to do a fireplace, do photos on the walls, and do an incredible master bathroom. Let’s talk about why a master bathroom is so important to a home. If you’ve been following our blog for a little while now, you know we really value bathrooms (Check out our blog, “The Beauty of Bathrooms”)! Bathrooms are where we start our day so, it’s important that you love your space! David says that having incredible morning sun coming into your bathroom can energize you and get your day started on the right foot. As the leaders and decision makers of the home, this is most important in the master bath.


If you have a little extra money to spend in your budget, creating an awesome outdoor living space can add great value to your home and lifestyle! With technology today, your architect can even add outdoor air conditioning or a drop down movie screen to make the most of your outdoor space. Check out our YouTube channel for the full interview iwth David!

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