Design Book of the Week: Classic Homes of Los Angeles by Douglas Woods

One of our spec homes in the works, 3521 Colgate, will be a California Mediterranean (sometimes called Spanish Colonial) style home. Work will begin soon. Exciting! So, we have been leafing through all the California design books we can get our hands on lately. This one, Classic Homes... Read more »

Design in Mind: Refined Tribal

California Casual. French Country. Seaside Cottage Chic. Naming a homeowner's style is not a new practice. Naming one's style helps to guide choices throughout the home building process. We've recently named a potential client's style "refined tribal" and she fell in... Read more »

Lesson: Shiplap, Tongue & Groove: the paneling discussion continues…

Do you know the difference between "shiplap" and "tongue and groove" when it comes to exterior (or decorative) siding? We thought you might want to learn! We are slightly OBSESSED with this look and we're not alone. Using exterior siding indoors as a wall... Read more »

House Wish #1

I wish I had a house that looked like.... Southern Methodist University. Maybe build something like this beautiful house from Larry E. Boerder. It's over on a little street called Beverly Drive...       Boerder's Georgian masterpiece on left... Read more »

Life of a Home: Inspiration Reigns

Some clients prefer to be led through the design process. Some clients lead the design process. A good mix of both is fun--it can be thrilling to guide someone through the selections (and there are many). It's equally exciting when a client leads us. Like Christmas morning they... Read more »

Design in Mind: The Modern Farmhouse

We've been dreaming of a building a modern farmhouse. A farmhouse: relaxed, worn-in, casual. A modern home: clean lines, sleek surfaces, non-traditional materials. The thought of combining the two is tempting both for the challenge and the potentially surprising (but fantastic)... Read more »

Life of a Home: Dartmouth Paint | Centenary Framing

Our Centenary spec home is beginning to look like more than just an empty lot. The house is starting to take shape below these beautiful trees!   Our Dartmouth custom home is being painted! It's so exciting to see this house coming to life! Can't wait for final... Read more »

Lesson: Wainscoting and Paneling

We've had a few posts on panel modling (also frequently called "wood paneling") and based on some questions from clients we have decided to provide some more in-depth information. First, the difference between "panel molding" and "wainscoting." Wainscoting is a TYPE of... Read more »

Design Book of the Week: Lake | Flato Buildings and Landscapes

  Lake|Flato Buildings and Landscapes Thomas Fisher (Author), Oscar Riera Ojeda (Editor), Glenn Murcutt (Foreword) Lake|Flato is a San Antonio-based architecture firm that "believes in architecture that is rooted to its place, responds to the natural environment and merges with... Read more »

Design in Mind: Our favorite paneling…

We cannot get enough of this look. Wood paneling is slightly more modern when all the panel sections are equal in size. We've been seeing it a lot lately and we're marking up the plans to our Centenary spec home to determine which walls are the lucky ones! For the technical among... Read more »