Life of a Home: Wallpaper

The lovely Christy Drew and her team at Christy Drew Designs are assisting with one of our current projects. Not only is the home they are working on coming together beautifully, but they have selected some blue wallpapers that we cannot get enough of--classic with a fun twist, and the perfect,... Read more »

Life of A Home: Centenary Cabinets and Trim

Progress over at Centenary! Woodwork, cabinets, exterior paint...enjoy! The fine art of picking the perfect white... The final product. Client loves. We love. Love to drive by and admire... Master Bedroom ceiling, will be painted white... More master bedroom... The start... Read more »

Design in Mind: Fireplace Folio

A place for all the fireplaces we love.... Read more »

Life of a Home: Dartmouth is Complete!

Nothing is more exciting than a completed project. We are so proud to show off the stately, French, Highland Park home we built on the most lovely tree-lined corner of Dartmouth Avenue. Loved creating this beautiful home for the beautiful family inside it. Enjoy!    ... Read more »

The 25 Most Popular Photos Added to Houzz in 2013

    The 25 Most Popular Photos Added to Houzz in 2013 #hzfooter3763982{overflow:hidden !important;transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;-webkit-transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;} #hzfooter3763982:hover{overflow-y:auto... Read more »

Design in Mind: Fresh Batch of Sconces

A fresh batch of sconces to start the year off bright. A few of these are a bit...out there, but someone has to be the first to try something, right? With the right wallpaper or simple modern sink these would be fantastic in a new home. Can't wait. This Silver Leaf number is SOLD OUT on... Read more »

Design in Mind: Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

You may remember our post about Emerald, the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year. Well, good news. The 2014 color has been released: Radiant Orchid. Purple. Hmm. We're not judging, but this may take a little getting used to because many people are very passionate, one way or... Read more »

Design in Mind: Limed Oak Cabinets

Limed Oak Cabinets (which, from our research is the more modern term for the "Pickled Oak Cabinets" you may remember from the 80's...) are making, in our eyes, a bit of a comeback. And while at first you may recall designs of decades gone past, when used in a sleek,... Read more »

Design in Mind: Navy Blue Tile

Can't get enough: navy blue tile.             Inspired and in love with our job, Coats Homes Read more »

Design in Mind: Arched Openings

These are some of our favorite examples of arched openings...      We cannot wait to add an arched opening on an exterior feature like this beautiful gate...               Arched openings... Read more »