Life of a Home: Centenary

Our spec home on Centenary has sold. SO exciting. And, it now has drywall and hardwoods. Two of the most exciting phases of a new build. Yes, you've heard it before and we'll say it again, we are so passionate about this job that we squeal over drywall! Check it out and... Read more »

We’ve Been Scouted!

We've been scouted! We are proud to be included in The Scout Guide, Dallas Volume 3. Below is a link to Volume 2, a sweet red book that highlights the very best of local business in Dallas. We're in great company and proud of it! Thanks Brittany and Martha and everyone at The Scout... Read more »

Life of a Home: Rex Drive

Nothing is more fun at Coats Homes than seeing all the details come together. We get excited. Our cameras were full after a walk through at our latest project in Preston Hollow... Acrylic vanity base in the powder bath. Nice.    We love the doors!   ... Read more »

Clever Custom Cabinets

Our growing list of clever cabinet ideas...enjoy!   School clutter storage, with a door to hide it...   Stair... Read more »

Dwell with Dignity THRIFT STUDIO

Dwell with Dignity, a local Dallas non-profit that seeks to "bring good design to those less fortunate, inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in" opens a pop-up boutique twice yearly called "Thrift Studio." The fall store is open and Coats... Read more »

Design in Mind: 3 New Kitchens to Love.

Just when you think you've seen every kitchen photo, you turn the page or click through to a new beauty. This reminds you that creativity never dies and inspiration is always waiting to be FOUND. Here are 3 new kitchens that will make you want to build your dream home tomorrow. 1. This... Read more »

Design in Mind: Cameron Diaz + Kelly Wearstler

Occasionally we come across an interior that we feel we MUST share. Cameron Diaz (so lovable) and Kelly Wearstler (Interior Designer you should know and love) paired up recently and the results are beautiful. "When it came time to rethink the interior of her apartment in... Read more »

Coats Homes One-for-One | Gallagher Street

On June 8th Coats Homes partnered with two organizations, Act Dallas and to tear down a home that was a hot bed for criminal activity in West Dallas. To learn more about the project and our One-for-One Philosophy, watch the video below.     For every home we... Read more »

Design in Mind: Centered Door Hardware

We've been admiring doors with hardware in the center. Adds a nice artistic blend of historical richness and unexpected fun. Enjoy!   Inspired and in love with our job, Coats Homes Read more »

Inspiration: New York, NY

One of our team members took a trip to NYC and brought back some unexpected inspiration. Always look for what you love, it will make building your dream home easy if you know what makes you happy. Enjoy! We love the gray on this building in Soho... Also love this combination of... Read more »