Design in Mind: Spaces for the Men

Over at the "D pages" blog we saw a post entitled "A Single Man: Some Masculine Bedrooms for the Fellas" and we were inspired to think about what makes a design look masculine. It seems there are 3 elements of the masculine space: 1. Subdued color. Mostly gray/white/black/dark navy. 2.... Read more »

Coats Homes’ “One for One” Philosophy

At Coats Homes we have a "One for One" philosophy: for every home we build it is our goal to build or renovate a home for families in need, or, tear down a home that is a magnet for crime. This past Saturday we partnered with two organizations, Act Dallas and to tear down a... Read more »

The Friday 3.

The Friday 3. 1. Eye of the Day Garden Design Center in Carpinteria, CA. If you don't have amazing vessels in your garden (or a garden at all) this store and it's passion for pottery will leave you pining for pots. Really, pots. These are incredible. We are so in love... Read more »

Life of a Home: 3548 Centenary

Our latest spec home is now officially in progress over at 3548 Centenary. Groundbreaking... Below is the cover of our "Look Book," a collection of  inspirational pictures that help to guide our vision throughout the process. Centenary was designed by Architect Paul Turney, and... Read more »

Design Book of the Week: California Homes, Studio William Hefner

We are excited to feature a brand new book from one of our favorite design powerhouses. California Homes is the MUST-HAVE book from Los Angeles-based Studio William Hefner, an architecture, interior design & landscape architecture triple threat behind some of the MOST... Read more »

Life of a Home: Dartmouth

Some pics of our Dartmouth project...lots of beauty starting to peek out from underneath all the construction! The entryway. The herringbone wood floors in the entryway... We can't get enough of this grand staircase. Can't wait for the final product! A few more pics of... Read more »

The Friday 3: Memorial Day Edition

The Friday 3: 1. An article from Houzz on Flag Etiquette and a few inspirational exteriors with the flag proudly waving.   Hang Your American Flag With Etiquette and Style #hzfooter8189578{overflow:hidden;transition:height 0.8s ease 0.5s;-webkit-transition:height 0.8s... Read more »

Design in Mind: The Half Paint

We're big fans of the "half paint", you know, the technique where you do just that--paint only half (or a third) of the wall.  We've even used the half paint in some of our own kid's rooms. The look seemed to originally be appearing mostly in nursery and... Read more »

Life of a Home: Dartmouth

Wood floors are going in at our Dartmouth project. All the clamor of installation is music to our (and the homeowner's!) ears. Also, paint was selected for Dartmouth! Our Designer, Judith Winchester was well prepared with "look and feel" trays for each room to help with the paint... Read more »

Design Book of the Week: Ultra Modern Samuel Marx, By Liz O’Brien

Meet Samuel A. Marx. Samuel Abraham Marx (1885–1964) was an American architect, designer and interior decorator. He is generally considered a modernist, influenced by the International style. Samuel A. Marx was born Natchez, Mississippi, in 1885. He graduated from MIT's Department... Read more »