Dutch Colonial Meets Cape Dutch

Does this home look familiar?

Maybe you've read about it on the D Magazine website, in the D AtHome weekly newsletter, or in the most recent issue of Elegant Homes. We're doing some serious happy dancing watching this project receive so much love!  


{Architecture: Jonathan Torode | Interiors: Anne Williams | Built By: Coats Homes | Photography: Nathan Schroder}


What you may not recognize? The architectural style! We love how this exterior stands out with its unique blend of Dutch Colonial and Cape Dutch architectural elements.


The characteristics of original Dutch Colonial architecture include gambrel roofs with curved or flaring eaves, the use of brick or stone, and a prominent chimney at one end of the house:

Modern interpretations, described as Dutch Colonial Revival architecture, incorporate similar elements with a modern spin:


The Cape Dutch architecture style is actually a traditional Afrikaner style found primarily in the Western Cape of South Africa and introduced by the initial Dutch settlers of the Cape. Characteristics of the Cape Dutch style include distinct, ornate gables, whitewashed walls, wooden shutters, and large wooden sash windows:


Now time for a pop quiz! Can you spot the elements pulled from each style?

What a huge privilege to bring this standout to life alongside the incredibly talented architect, Jonothan Torode, and interior designer, Anne Williams!


Inspired and in love with our job,

Coats Homes