Design in Mind: Tile in the Kitchen

We are beginning to debate hardwoods vs. tile in the kitchen. We know, hardwoods are beloved. Usually the entire first floor is hardwoods, why not just continue it into the kitchen? Well, we've been seeing some examples lately that are beginning to convince us otherwise. Here's an article where some realtors weigh in on the issue. The biggest issue we can't seem to overcome is in today's open floor plans, where would the tile end and the hardwoods begin? We'll continue to debate it.

And Ben Coats, our fearless leader, has always said that creating custom homes involves not only considering artful details but also functionality and daily living. So, if tile in the kitchen improves your daily living, why not? 

We've had feedback that it's just easier when you have kids to have tile in the kitchen. And, if you think tile is too cold, you would change your mind if you had a warming system installed beneath it. Can you imagine enjoying your coffee on your warm, heated tile in some of these kitchens below? We can!

We'll keep you updated if we choose tile in the kitchen for one of our homes. Kitchen tile we miss you.

The two kitchens above were designed by Bobby McAlpine. He tends to use these large stone tiles quite often in his work. According to this Veranda article on Bobby McAlpine's favorite sources, his preferred vendor for this look is Peacock Pavers. The photos below are from their site. We love this look. It's not too shiny or manufactured looking and the warm earth tones of the tile are very subtle and sophisticated.

Inspired and in love with our job,

Coats Homes