Design in Mind: No Upper Cabinets in the Kitchen

The trend towards open shelves in the kitchen is nothing new. Recently we're seeing more and more kitchens with open shelves and at least one major wall without upper cabinets. We all know everyone gathers in the kitchen anyway, maybe it's time the space grew up a little bit. The kitchens we're loving the most are an extension of living space instead of a sea of cabinets.

Removing uppers may scare you, but the key is having open shelves for your beautiful things and an efficient butler's pantry. Show what you love and create smart organized storage for all the rest. The pics below are inspiring us to leave the upper cabinets out of our kitchen designs. Enjoy!

Many of the photos above have a fabulous window wall instead of uppers. However, if you don't have a window wall, an accent wall (tile, stone, brick) with open shelving is an alternative that achieves the same look.

Also, the loss of space may require you to have some cabinets like the ones below. So, you're not really loosing storage space, you're just rearranging it around the kitchen.




Inspired and in love with our job,

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