Design in Mind: Limed Oak Cabinets

Limed Oak Cabinets (which, from our research is the more modern term for the "Pickled Oak Cabinets" you may remember from the 80's...) are making, in our eyes, a bit of a comeback. And while at first you may recall designs of decades gone past, when used in a sleek, contemporary way the results are current & irresistible.

Below is an excerpt from this article on the subject that is extremely informative. Enjoy!

Natural French oak, and particularly cerused or limed oak finishes began a slow creep back into kitchens from the high-end furniture market after oak pieces by mid-20th century design icons Jean-Michel Frank and others hit their height as collectibles around 2007. Ideas can take a while to trickle down and, inevitably with revivals, there are variations and reinterpretations made possible by development of new products such as stains, glazes and waxes.

Originally, lime (an ingredient in mortar) was used to highlight the wood grain. So was white paint pigment (whiting) made from chalk and mixed with wax. When white lead was used the surfaces were called cerused. Other products, including diluted paint and various stains also may be applied. For practical purposes the terms and whitening materials are interchangeable today. This close up I took of a 40s-era Jean-Michel Frank table that was up for sale in a Christie’s auction which shows exactly how the rift-sawn grain of the wood is filled in.


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