Design Book of the Week: The Welcoming House, by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith

This is a brand-new book we are thrilled to share with you from famed designers Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith of Circa Interiors and Antiques. Our favorite, Bobby McAlpine, recommended it on his blog and he also happens to be good friends with Jane and Cindy. He collaborated with them on many of the projects in the book. Bunny Williams, the renowned Manhattan-based designer, describes Jane and Cindy in the introduction as "the nicest, kindest, most stylish people" she's ever met. Their interiors seem similar--welcoming, as the book's title implies, Southern, and elegantly neutral but never boring. This book should be advertised as an accompaniment to Bobby McAlpine's book, The Home Within Us. The projects are equally as impressive and the consistent, inspiring ideas throughout the book had us furiously reaching for the post-its. It's a must-have for your design book collection.

We love the description of Jane and Cindy's philosophy:

"We believe that rooms should be timeless, yet of their time. For us, that  means taking a traditional, more European approach to decorating, which mixes the old and the "now" in balanced and harmonious interiors."

Thank you ladies, we'll be striving for that in the homes we build as well, "timeless, yet of their time."

Enjoy the pictures from this beautiful book and don't wait another minute to buy it here.

This kitchen below (next two shots) is one of the most unique we've seen.

Check out the "quilted" stainless steel fridge and the marble "shelf" behind the stove.

The positioning of these two bathtubs below is fabulous. Of course you'd want to face the window!

Must do: a trellis wall with a "window" on a patio.

This vacation home in Jackson Hole, WY wowed us too. It's a great example of sophisticated + rustic.


Inspired and in love with our job,

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