Design Book of the Week: Lake | Flato Buildings and Landscapes


Lake|Flato Buildings and Landscapes
Thomas Fisher (Author), Oscar Riera Ojeda (Editor), Glenn Murcutt (Foreword)

Lake|Flato is a San Antonio-based architecture firm that "believes in architecture that is rooted to its place, responds to the natural environment and merges with the landscape."  They use regional materials to create buildings that are "tactile and modern, environmentally responsible and authentic, artful and crafted." The firm is passionate about sustainability and green building, calling themselves "stewards of the natural environment."

In 2004, the American Institute of Architects awarded Lake|Flato the prestigious Firm Award - one of the highest honors an American architecture firm can receive.

This book is full of inventive, contemporary commercial spaces and residential homes. However, because of Lake|Flato's committment to the environment and passion for the land on which their projects sit, none of the spaces are too "out there" or obtrusive. They all perfect fit into their surroundings. Books with tons of great contemporary spaces are tougher to find than traditional books, this is must-buy. Get it here.

Lake|Flato is also responsible for several Dallas spaces, including the Dallas Arboretum (below) in collaboration with Oglesby Greene...

...and Greenhill School, see below.

And, Lake|Flato is also in the business of high-end modular homes, read more here and see pictures below.

Find yourself a view like the one below and you can order a Lake | Flato home to assemble on the spot.

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