Design Book of the Week: Classic Homes of Los Angeles by Douglas Woods

One of our spec homes in the works, 3521 Colgate, will be a California Mediterranean (sometimes called Spanish Colonial) style home. Work will begin soon. Exciting!

So, we have been leafing through all the California design books we can get our hands on lately. This one, Classic Homes of Los Angeles provides an interesting perspective. It features truly classic California homes with very traditional interiors. The historic, museum-like interiors make sense when you read that many of the homes featured are some of the oldest and well-preserved properties in the Los Angeles area.

Our greatest takeaway from Classic Homes of Los Angeles is that sometimes it's best to look at the source (as in, older homes) of a particular style so that you can determine which characteristics from the past you want to bring forward in today's project.

We cannot wait to take some of these classic features of historic California homes and add a few modern touches for today's Dallas family. Give us a call if you want to be that family. Enjoy!

We love the simple, white color scheme of this house. In a world of creamy, warm stucco this cool white is very refreshing.

Instead of lots of ornate features, this house lets the door steal the show. Nicely done.


Color scheme again: that cool gray around the windows is a nice contrast to the warmer stucco.


Ornate ceiling detail in a simple room. Beautiful.

The checkerboard tile is a recurring characteristic, maybe in a more subtle tone for Colgate...

We love the soft gray on these beams, a traditional characteristic with a nice twist. Yes please.

Inspired and in love with our job,
Coats Homes