Design Book of the Week: California Homes, Studio William Hefner

We are excited to feature a brand new book from one of our favorite design powerhouses. California Homes is the MUST-HAVE book from Los Angeles-based Studio William Hefner, an architecture, interior design & landscape architecture triple threat behind some of the MOST captivating spaces we have ever laid eyes on. I can almost guarantee that if you have great taste (which you obviously do) you've got some Hefner pics pinned, sitting in your ideabooks, or torn out of a magazine.

Forget the post-it's people. It's a waste of time. You'll want to put one on each page. See below. I was only halfway through!

Each home featured (and there are 9) is better than the last. Don't put this on your coffee table, put it by your bedside table, your desk or your kitchen table. You are going to want to refer to it often! The use of beautiful, clean-lined materials executed in extraordinary ways, the attention to detail, and the cohesiveness in Hefner's spaces provide a new standard to live up to. We are excited to try.

Hefner's words are inspiring as well: "Developing an intimate and thorough understanding of how a family might strive to live is essential...Spaces flow from interior to exterior, and continue a language through the architecture, furnishings, and gardens. From this emerge sanctuaries, ones that inevitably speak more intimately to those who live there."

We don't want to show you too many photos because we don't want you to feel like you've seen them all. You must own this book friends. Buy it NOW here and be inspired.

Below is a kitchen that we have been a fan of for a long time. More than one client has set this picture down before us in meetings!

(Note: we are not sure what exact brand of doors those are above, but Portella is our favorite new source for doors like these, check out their site!)

A range area very similar to this one below will be in our spec home on Centenary, we cannot wait to see it!

Some of our favorite bathrooms from the book. We love how Hefner lets the magic of the marble be the focal point. Marble = art.



This is one of our favorite featured homes, "Rustic Canyon". A story in the book details the couple's love for this home and the wife's "exhaustive two-year search for amazing antique brass light fixtures". And oh, what a fantastic job she did. The brass fixtures, along with the beautiful grays and blues throughout the home, are magical.


We may have a whole separate seminar on these floors below. Lots of discussion in our office on the direction hardwoods are headed in terms of color, and we think this is it. These happen to look just like the hardwoods in our office (we'll try and stay humble!).


Our office floors:

We are tempted to show more, but we have to stop ourselves somewhere! Don't miss the other pictures behind these two fantastic entryways below.


Inspired and in love with our job,

Coats Homes