Design Book of the Week: Axel Vervoodt Timeless Interiors, by Armelle Baron

Design Book of the Week: Axel Vervoodt Timeless Interiors, by Armelle Baron

The Jist: Axel Vervoodt is a world-renowned antique collector "whose stands are always eagerly anticipated at antique fairs around the world." In addition to being an avid collector and dealer of beautiful things, Vervoodt also has his own design and architecture firm run out of the servant's quarters of a medieval castle (you read that right) he restored with his wife. The castle, outside of Antwerp, Belgium is called 's-Gravenwezel and also serves as Vervoodt's personal home. "Many of Vervoodt's interiors demonstrate his fundamental principle of the juxtaposition of opposites: rooms filled with books and objects, offset by a strong color scheme, drapes, rugs, and rich silks, stand alongside bare spaces in a pale, neutral colors featuring a choice selection of fine artworks in a rigorously contemporary setting." That high-low mix is so evident in this book. One page is a lavish formal living room and the next is a spare, modern dining room. You'll be inspired to apply his "mix" in your own home after reading this book...

Best Pics:

Example of the hi/low Vervoodt mix: this simple contemporary kitchen is in the same Miami home as the lavish gold dining room below it.





We also love how some of these design books also sometimes feel like travel journals, showing homes all over the world. Vervoodt's projects feature everything from a Flemish farmhouse to an Italian-inspired mansion in Dallas. Great thing to keep in mind next time you travel: check out the real estate and incorporate what you love into your own home. Fantastic.

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Vervoodt's offices in the servant's quarters of his castle: