Caught Twinning!

Summer may be coming to an end, but we have the perfect cure for those back-to-school blues—a countdown of homes that look just like some of our favorite summertime travel destinations!



Lookalike #1 takes us to The Preston House & Hotel in Riverhead, NY, 30 minutes outside of the Hamptons. Can you tell which is the Coats Homes project? These bedrooms are nearly identical, from the wood paneling and concrete floors to the floating bed frame and grey accents.

{Source: Luxe Daily}

{Architecture: SHM Architects | Interiors: Neal Stewart | Built By: Coats Homes | Photography: Nathan Schroder}



Next stop, the City of Love! The fixture above this dining room table is modeled after the Giacometti fixture in the Musee Picasso in Paris. Check out the July/August D Home cover story for more photos of this inspiring home.

{Architecture: SHM Architects | Interiors: Sees Design | Built By: Coats Homes | Photography: Cody Ulrich}

{Source: Catherine Goron Photography}



And last but not least—Rosemary Beach! As one of South Walton's New Urbanist resort communities (others include Seaside and Alys Beach), it's no surprise Rosemary is recognized as an architectural treasure trove.

Our project on Windsor Parkway, recently published in Elegant Homes, features Dutch Colonial and Cape Dutch elements, similar to more than one of the Cape Dutch homes (and wedding venues) scattered throughout this scenic waterfront community. The interior designer, Anne Williams, let the curved lines of the roof serve as inspiration throughout the interior of the home.


{(Left) Architecture: Pfeffer Torode Architects | Interiors: Anne Williams | Built By: Coats Homes | Photography: Costa Christ | (Right) Source: Leslee Mitchell}


{(Left) Source: Pinterest | (Right) Source: South Walton Website}


Inspired and in love with our job,

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