Category: “The Building Process”

Value in Interior Designers

The decision-making process is one of the biggest challenges of building a custom home. However, hiring an interior designer can be one of the best investments you make to help, not only create a beautiful home, but to ease the stress that comes with the process of so many decisions. A good... Read more »

Reality Vs. Reality TV

According to The Washington Post, “HGTV is the fourth-most-watched cable network in the United States, averaging more than 1.6 million viewers overall.” Reality TV is powerful because it can set trends and inspire people to do something that they wouldn’t have otherwise done. In... Read more »

Trust in Your Home Builder

In the latest episode of our Coats Homes video series, viewers hear from Coats Homes client, Jamie. You may recognize her home, often referred to as, “Beverly”, from our social media, blogs, and website. It is one of our most asked about and loved homes on Instagram. Jamie is a... Read more »

What We’ve Been Up To

We hope you’ve heard our exciting news by now! Over the past 3 months, Coats Homes has been secretly filming a video series. In this series, our owner and president, Ben Coats, invites viewers into his personal home to get an inside look at the immaculate details and design that make up his... Read more »

Salvaged Trees To Hardwood Floors

Those of us in new home construction are no strangers to demolition. Especially in the Park Cities, building a beautiful new house often means replacing another, older home. And as exciting as new beginnings are, demolition is a messy, destructive process! So when we found out there's an easy... Read more »

Meet The Coats Homes Design Team

At Coats Homes, we offer complete integration of the design and build processes. How do we do that? We have our own in-house design team! Our passionate interior designers take on only 1-2 projects at a time and offer a dynamic, full-time design process tailored to your personal style. Drawing on... Read more »

Custom Homes & Disabilities

When you have a disability or mobility impairment, it doesn't take long to realize the world wasn't built with your needs in mind. While ADA standardization has greatly improved the accessibility of public spaces for people with disabilities, home environments remain full of obstacles. But... Read more »

The Benefits of Sustainable Building

What is a sustainable home? Simply put: a home built according to certain green construction practices and standards beyond the guidelines of normal construction. A few types of homes that meet or exceed green building standards include passive houses, climate-positive homes,... Read more »

The Process: Building Your Dream Team

Building a custom home takes a village. The number of roles to fill can seem daunting—each project requires a builder, architect, interior designer, landscape architect, and a very big family of subcontractors and vendors. So how do you assemble the perfect dream team to build your dream... Read more »

The Process: Choosing A Builder

Building a custom home is a unique and involved process. So much goes in to each step and phase of construction that we could spend hours talking about it... or even write a whole blog series. So let’s do it! While each project’s process is unique, there are a few essential steps... Read more »