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Design in Mind: Quatrefoil

Last week in our office we had a discussion about "quatrefoil". Some said, "what is a quatrefoil?" and some said, "ooh quatrefoil!" Well, we're here to share our knowledge. Definition: Quatrefoil; In art, architecture and traditional Christian symbolism, the quatrefoil is a type of... Read more »

The Friday 3.

The Friday 3. 1. Eye of the Day Garden Design Center in Carpinteria, CA. If you don't have amazing vessels in your garden (or a garden at all) this store and it's passion for pottery will leave you pining for pots. Really, pots. These are incredible. We are so in love... Read more »

Design in Mind: Our Latest Lighting Source

We have fallen in love with a lighting company. It all started when we saw this photo below on a Philadelphia blog called Grays Lane. Then, we went to the source: The Urban Electric Company from Charleston, SC. Watch the 10th Anniversary video on their... Read more »

The Friday 3: Architecture, Design, Product

1. Architecture: Richard Meier Richard Meier is celebrating 50 years of making history in architecture. Meier is the architect behind the famous Rachofsky house in Dallas (pictured below) and numerous other projects around the world. Meier, founder of the New York-based firm Richard... Read more »

The Friday 3. Architecture, Design, Product.

A perfect way to start the weekend, enjoy our Friday 3. One related to architecture, one related to design, and one fabulous product. 1. Architecture: Over at Update Dallas, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's informative blog and "central hub for market and real estate news" they've got... Read more »

Design in Mind: Fresh Kitchen Lights

Our boards and ideabooks are filling up fast with new, fresh lighting options for the kitchen. Many are classic fixtures, just used in new ways to add personality to a space that sometimes, if you're not careful, can get a little predictable. All the pics & products link to... Read more »

Design in Mind: Chrome Appliances

We can't pick every appliance that goes into our homes...but we think some of these would look pretty sitting in the kitchens we build. These shiny chrome versions might be hard to keep clean, but they are so cool. Wish they had polished nickel versions too! These are from West... Read more »

Effortlessly Touch Up Your Pretty Painted Walls

We're building beautiful, custom homes for our clients. And, we're building beautiful, custom homes for our clients that we hope will stay beautiful for them for many years. Trouble is, they also have to LIVE in these homes, and we all know what a few children or pets can do to even the... Read more »