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Design in Mind: Fireplace Folio

A place for all the fireplaces we love.... Read more »

Design in Mind: Fresh Batch of Sconces

A fresh batch of sconces to start the year off bright. A few of these are a bit...out there, but someone has to be the first to try something, right? With the right wallpaper or simple modern sink these would be fantastic in a new home. Can't wait. This Silver Leaf number is SOLD OUT on... Read more »

Design in Mind: Limed Oak Cabinets

Limed Oak Cabinets (which, from our research is the more modern term for the "Pickled Oak Cabinets" you may remember from the 80's...) are making, in our eyes, a bit of a comeback. And while at first you may recall designs of decades gone past, when used in a sleek,... Read more »

Design in Mind: Navy Blue Tile

Can't get enough: navy blue tile.             Inspired and in love with our job, Coats Homes Read more »

Clever Custom Cabinets

Our growing list of clever cabinet ideas...enjoy!   School clutter storage, with a door to hide it...   Stair... Read more »

Design in Mind: Let There Be Skylight

Does the skylight get a bad wrap? We can see your brow furrowing now. Well, these pictures may change your mind. Call it a skylight, call it a light well, roof window, sun tunnel, whatever the name, these light-filled spaces are inspiring us to let in the sunshine.... Read more »

Design in Mind: Alternatives to Subway Tile

We all love subway tile. But, in case you are tired: we're searching for alternatives. Let us know your favorite substitute. Below are some we've collected and love.  Alternative #1: Turn the subway. Make it go vertical and it's a whole new look.     ... Read more »

Lesson: Shiplap, Tongue & Groove: the paneling discussion continues…

Do you know the difference between "shiplap" and "tongue and groove" when it comes to exterior (or decorative) siding? We thought you might want to learn! We are slightly OBSESSED with this look and we're not alone. Using exterior siding indoors as a wall... Read more »

Lesson: Wainscoting and Paneling

We've had a few posts on panel modling (also frequently called "wood paneling") and based on some questions from clients we have decided to provide some more in-depth information. First, the difference between "panel molding" and "wainscoting." Wainscoting is a TYPE of... Read more »

Design in Mind: Our favorite paneling…

We cannot get enough of this look. Wood paneling is slightly more modern when all the panel sections are equal in size. We've been seeing it a lot lately and we're marking up the plans to our Centenary spec home to determine which walls are the lucky ones! For the technical among... Read more »