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Stair Masters

What brings together a home more than the staircase that bridges its floors? Crafting a unique staircase to suite the style of a space not only adds functional design, but introduces shape and contrast that takes a home to the next level. Unique metal detailing, elegant banisters, contemporary... Read more »

Summer Vacation Inspiration

Our clients are often inspired by their travels and so are we! Before this summer comes to an end we wanted to share some of the places we visited. Our lesson: if you love something take a picture. You never know how a shape or  a detail can work its way into your custom home. We begin the... Read more »

We Remain Big Fans of Gold and Brass…

We have posted previously on the movement towards gold and brass in fixtures and hardware, and we're happy to report that we're still loving it. Since we first began posting on this trend, we've been seeing more and more examples of subtle, beautiful ways this hue is being... Read more »

Contemporary Lighting Workbook

We've been collecting contemporary lighting examples lately. Lighting that leans modern can be tricky, there's a fine line between unique and odd and we are studying up on how to stay on the right (bright) side. Enjoy our latest contemporary lighting faves. This is the "11 Piece... Read more »

Inspiration: New York, NY

One of our team members took a trip to NYC and brought back some unexpected inspiration. Always look for what you love, it will make building your dream home easy if you know what makes you happy. Enjoy! We love the gray on this building in Soho... Also love this combination of... Read more »

Design in Mind: Quatrefoil

Last week in our office we had a discussion about "quatrefoil". Some said, "what is a quatrefoil?" and some said, "ooh quatrefoil!" Well, we're here to share our knowledge. Definition: Quatrefoil; In art, architecture and traditional Christian symbolism, the quatrefoil is a type of... Read more »

Design in Mind: Our Latest Lighting Source

We have fallen in love with a lighting company. It all started when we saw this photo below on a Philadelphia blog called Grays Lane. Then, we went to the source: The Urban Electric Company from Charleston, SC. Watch the 10th Anniversary video on their... Read more »

Design in Mind: Mirror in front of a Window

We first saw this look in a boutique hotel and thought it was so original and clever. Why sacrifice your bathrom's natural light just because you need a wall for your mirrors? There are some practical issues to work out with privacy of course, and in many of the photos below the window... Read more »

Design in Mind: Gold and Brass!

Look out polished nickel. Chrome beware. Gold and brass fixtures are causing quite a stir lately. Sophisticated, unexpected and slightly industrial-looking, brass and gold are quickly making it to the top of our MUST-BUY list for our homes. We wondered if you'd have to match everything in... Read more »

Design in Mind: Fresh Kitchen Lights

Our boards and ideabooks are filling up fast with new, fresh lighting options for the kitchen. Many are classic fixtures, just used in new ways to add personality to a space that sometimes, if you're not careful, can get a little predictable. All the pics & products link to... Read more »