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Design in Mind: Checkerboard Tile

Checkerboard tile? It's making a come back. Not so much the stark black and white of the past, but softer gray and white patterns. It's even more fantastic when marble is used. A classic looks grows... Read more »

Design in Mind: Tile in the Kitchen

We are beginning to debate hardwoods vs. tile in the kitchen. We know, hardwoods are beloved. Usually the entire first floor is hardwoods, why not just continue it into the kitchen? Well, we've been seeing some examples lately that are beginning to convince us otherwise. Here's an article... Read more »

The Friday 3: Architecture, Design, Product

1. Architecture: Richard Meier Richard Meier is celebrating 50 years of making history in architecture. Meier is the architect behind the famous Rachofsky house in Dallas (pictured below) and numerous other projects around the world. Meier, founder of the New York-based firm Richard... Read more »

Design in Mind: Gray Hardwood Floors

Design In Mind: Gray Hardwood Floors We are diligently studying the art of gray hardwoods. We're not masters yet, but we've had a few successes. First, some inspiration pics to get you on board in case you're skeptical. And please note "gray" is the easiest term, but really... Read more »