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Tips and Tricks to Pick the Perfect White

Nothing makes us quite as happy as getting a call from an admiring neighbor. We know we’ve done something right when someone calls asking us to share a design source or selection! Of all of the questions we receive, the number one question we get asked is what our favorite shade of white for... Read more »

Cool Mint.

Mint. Not seafoam. Not turquoise. Mint. We're loving this soft new color. Do you like?              Above left, Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth 5231 in "Hint of Mint" and above right, Benjamin Moore Italian Ice Green in Ben Interior... Read more »

Design in Mind: Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

You may remember our post about Emerald, the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year. Well, good news. The 2014 color has been released: Radiant Orchid. Purple. Hmm. We're not judging, but this may take a little getting used to because many people are very passionate, one way or... Read more »

Design in Mind: Color of the Year

Do you know the 2013 Pantone color of the year? It's Emerald. Do you know who Pantone is? Well, they make color. Especially color we use on the computer. Learn more here. There are always lots of articles, pins, and posts about the color of the year. We love thinking... Read more »

Design in Mind: Gold and Brass!

Look out polished nickel. Chrome beware. Gold and brass fixtures are causing quite a stir lately. Sophisticated, unexpected and slightly industrial-looking, brass and gold are quickly making it to the top of our MUST-BUY list for our homes. We wondered if you'd have to match everything in... Read more »

Design in Mind: Gray Hardwood Floors

Design In Mind: Gray Hardwood Floors We are diligently studying the art of gray hardwoods. We're not masters yet, but we've had a few successes. First, some inspiration pics to get you on board in case you're skeptical. And please note "gray" is the easiest term, but really... Read more »

Design Book of the Week: Farrow & Ball Living with Colour

Design Book of the Week: Farrow & Ball Living With Colour, by Ros Byam Shaw. If you’re not familiar with Farrow & Ball, learn more here. Users of this beautiful paint are loyal and numerous. Colors are made “using only the finest ingredients and age-old methods which... Read more »

Effortlessly Touch Up Your Pretty Painted Walls

We're building beautiful, custom homes for our clients. And, we're building beautiful, custom homes for our clients that we hope will stay beautiful for them for many years. Trouble is, they also have to LIVE in these homes, and we all know what a few children or pets can do to even the... Read more »