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Design in Mind: Antique Art in a Modern Interior

Over at TheDPages, we saw their post on old world art in the 21st century interior. Hmm, old art in a new space. It struck a chord with us because we recently photographed a home we built on Purdue that has been furnished and saw this very concept for ourselves. In the master bathroom, the... Read more »

Design in Mind: Plates on the Wall

Must get plate display, must get plate display...we are officially obsessed. We may need help. We cannot stop our love for this trend. It all started for us with the plate display at Sissy's on Henderson, see below. Gone are the boring 5 plate displays of the past, say hello to... Read more »

Discussion: Where to Start with Art.

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Design in Mind: Can you DIY modern art?

You know you've done it. Admit it. You've looked at an expensive piece of art and said, "I can do that!" We're laughing about this in our office lately because several members of our team, including Alan (Project Manager) and Benjamin (Accountant) have both turned to Megan and... Read more »