Business Casual

Whether you’re working from home or just needing a place to call your own in the midst of a busy household, an at-home office space might be just what the doctor ordered. A home office is not one size fits all, it needs to accommodate your family’s individual needs and work in the overall design of your home. Today, we’re taking a look at some of our most versatile office spaces.

His and Hers

Our project at Colgate features two distinguished spaces for him and for her. Hers is a less traditional, casual office with detailed tilework and brass finishes. A long countertop and plenty of storage make this space ideal for the creative type who never knows what project they’ll take on next. His is fit for bringing the office home. A simplistic color scheme is met with detailed molding and additional seating to create a sophisticated space ready for an impromptu meeting or as a late-night reading destination.

{Builder: Coats Homes | Architecture: Wilson Fuqua | Interiors: Theresa Rowe | Photo: Nathan Schroder}

In Good Company

If you don’t need a designated office, a room like this one in 3721 Marquette could be perfect for you. It offers the flexibility to hold a conference at home, host book club, or just have a space delegated for chit chat and relaxation. We love the overall simplistic design that allows the bold light fixture and art piece to shine in the light of the floor to ceiling corner windows. An outdoor view turns boring business into a beautiful retreat.

{Builder: Coats Homes | Architecture: David Stocker | Interiors: Neal Stewart | Photo: Nathan Schroder}

For the Kids

Let your kids escape into the world of reading with a cozy nook and library ambiance. Having a display of books can act like a trophy display for any that they finish, while adding a unique design element to your home. For homework, a round table can encourage collaboration while a designated room for schoolwork will, not only, inspire focus, but also keep the mess away from the kitchen!

{Builder: Coats Homes | Architecture: Jerry Coleman | Interiors: Wylly Goodson | Photo: Costa Christ}

{Builder: Coats Homes | Architecture: David Stocker | Interiors: Collins Interiors | Photo: Nathan Schroder}

Each of these spaces is unique, but one thing that they all have in common is lots of natural light. According to, working in “well illuminated spaces with natural elements such as daylight and greenery can improve creativity and learning.” Which room is your dream office? Let us know on Instagram!

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