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We sincerely hope that you are all remaing safe and healthy during this ever changing time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coats Homes urges you to follow the reccomednations and guidelines put in by place by your local and federal government. As a part of our video series, we released a special episode related to clean living. While we all practice a heightened sense of cleanliess during this time, this is a resource on how to live "clean" all year round.

Did you know that our homes are becoming more toxic than the air outside? According to the EPA, research indicates that people spend 90% of their time indoors. This puts your health at risk if the air inside your home contains toxins and other harmful pollutants. Sources of indoor pollution include the chemicals in your building materials, mechanical heating and cooling systems, and of course, your household products.

In the latest episode of our video series, Ben’s wife, Jen Coats, discusses their choice to build their home as clean as they could. In this case, “clean” means eliminating as many toxins and pollutants out of their home as possible. First, Jen mentions their building materials. An easy tip she gives viewers to remember while sourcing building material is to just keep the material in its most natural state as possible. This includes not adding dyes or additives and using a water-based sealant to avoid chemicals. To hear the rest of Jen’s insight on keeping the air inside your home pure, check out the full episode on our YouTube channel

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