The Process: Building Your Dream Team

Building a custom home takes a village. The number of roles to fill can seem daunting—each project requires a builder, architect, interior designer, landscape architect, and a very big family of subcontractors and vendors. So how do you assemble the perfect dream team to build your dream... Read more »

April Showers

We believe personal spaces require personal touches, and master bathrooms are no exception. So we're wrapping up the month of April with a look at some of our favorite Coats Homes custom showers! Which one takes the cake? You decide!   The main design elements are always the... Read more »

The Psychology of Color

Life is full of color. Design should be too! Colors heavily influences the mood of any space and understanding the psychology of color makes it easy to create just the feel you're looking for. Why not let some examples do the talking? Thank you to Arhaus for sharing their fantastic, informative... Read more »

Act for Justice

At Coats Homes, we are entrusted with the honor of building families' dream homes in some of Dallas' most beautiful neighborhoods. What an incredible privilege! But at the same time, we feel called to do more for our community.  It is our duty to “love our neighbors as... Read more »

Chevron or Herringbone?

Let's start with a question: is this floor's pattern chevron or herringbone?   If you said chevron, you got it right! The subtle variation between chevron and herringbone can be confusing, but it's easy to spot once you're familiar with the difference. Both patterns... Read more »

Inspiration: Setting The Bar

Nothing says luxury like a home bar! It's a perfect spot for entertaining friends or winding down after a long day, and can be as simple or lavish as you want.   Bar spaces are all about customization, and with so much inspiring content out there it's easy to find ideas to... Read more »

The Process: Choosing A Builder

Building a custom home is a unique and involved process. So much goes in to each step and phase of construction that we could spend hours talking about it... or even write a whole blog series. So let’s do it! While each project’s process is unique, there are a few essential steps... Read more »

Wander Wood Update!

In case you missed it, Wander Wood is the 8.85-acre Preston Hollow oasis we are gearing up to build in partnership with Brett Johnston of Suntxurbana. Between the sought-after location on Wander Lane and the stunning creek backdrop and thriving foliage, it’s no surprise that these lots have... Read more »

Inspiration: We Love Wallpaper

We love wallpaper and you should too! With so many beautiful patterns, textures, and colors to choose from, there’s a wallpaper out there to compliment every style and mood. Throw in hand-painted and custom options, and the possibilities really are endless. The down side? With so many... Read more »

Santa’s Favorite Fireplaces

The holiday season is here—Christmas music is playing on the radio, friends and families are gathering for holiday meals, and all our favorite neighborhoods are twinkling with Christmas lights. Santa will be off on his annual house hop soon enough and we can hardly wait. A little elf told us... Read more »