Art Story: Count Your Blessings

What do you do when you have an entirely blank wall the size of a movie screen and nothing to put on it? You have a custom painted mural commissioned of course! Artist, Carolyn Daniel, joined us for another episode of our Coats Homes video series in which she and Ben discuss the inspiration behind... Read more »

Value in Interior Designers

The decision-making process is one of the biggest challenges of building a custom home. However, hiring an interior designer can be one of the best investments you make to help, not only create a beautiful home, but to ease the stress that comes with the process of so many decisions. A good... Read more »

Reality Vs. Reality TV

According to The Washington Post, “HGTV is the fourth-most-watched cable network in the United States, averaging more than 1.6 million viewers overall.” Reality TV is powerful because it can set trends and inspire people to do something that they wouldn’t have otherwise done. In... Read more »

On Trend is Art That Speaks to You

What a treat was our last episode in the video series! In case you missed it, artist, Carolyn Daniel, joined Ben Coats to discuss what is on trend in the art world. Art is a huge part of the design process and what personalizes a space. While some art pieces featured in our homes are especially... Read more »

Building for Clean Living

We sincerely hope that you are all remaing safe and healthy during this ever changing time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coats Homes urges you to follow the reccomednations and guidelines put in by place by your local and federal government. As a part of our video series, we released a special episode... Read more »

Trust in Your Home Builder

In the latest episode of our Coats Homes video series, viewers hear from Coats Homes client, Jamie. You may recognize her home, often referred to as, “Beverly”, from our social media, blogs, and website. It is one of our most asked about and loved homes on Instagram. Jamie is a... Read more »

Shape Your Home for Light

In the latest episode of our video series, SHM architect, David Stocker, joins Ben Coats to discuss one of the key elements of successful architectural design; light. David believes that many people do not recognize why they feel good in certain rooms over others, but typically, he says, it is... Read more »

What We’ve Been Up To

We hope you’ve heard our exciting news by now! Over the past 3 months, Coats Homes has been secretly filming a video series. In this series, our owner and president, Ben Coats, invites viewers into his personal home to get an inside look at the immaculate details and design that make up his... Read more »


It’s the time of year when family and friends come together from near and far to enjoy food, fun, laughter, and good company. A home is a place to gather, especially during the holidays. At Coats Homes, we are so fortunate to get to be a part of creating the spaces where these memories will... Read more »

Business Casual

Whether you’re working from home or just needing a place to call your own in the midst of a busy household, an at-home office space might be just what the doctor ordered. A home office is not one size fits all, it needs to accommodate your family’s individual needs and work in the... Read more »