Business Casual

Whether you’re working from home or just needing a place to call your own in the midst of a busy household, an at-home office space might be just what the doctor ordered. A home office is not one size fits all, it needs to accommodate your family’s individual needs and work in the... Read more »

Scout Is Out!

Volume 8 of The Scout Guide is out and we are thrilled to be a part of it again this year. Alongside our Compass Real Estate partner, Michelle Wood, we are giving readers a sneak peak into an unreleased project! {Source: The Scout Guide} {Source: The Scout Guide} We love The Scout Guide... Read more »

There’s No Place Like Home

At Coats Homes, we always say that a home should be personal, it should inspire you. One way to achieve this vision is to incorporate items of personal value into a space. Adding personalized touches around your home does not mean sacrificing high end design quality, in fact, it can oftentimes... Read more »

The Beauty of Bathrooms

Our bathroom is the first place to greet us in the morning and the last to bid us goodnight. It is the room with the mirror that has witnessed our celebratory dances, our tears, our motivational morning speeches. Maybe yours has notes stuck to the mirror, reminding you that, “You’ve got... Read more »

When Life Gives You Lemons

Here at Coats Homes, we count our blessings. Every day, we are privileged to work on the dream homes our clients entrust us with. Today, however, we have a new type of blessing to count—playhouses! We know the most important part of a home is the love and care that fills it, so when the... Read more »

Game-Changing Backyard Inspiration

As summer approaches we all look forward to spending time outdoors. But is your backyard ready to handle days of relaxing and entertaining outside? Get ready for the season with one of these game-changing ideas from the interior designers and renovation experts at Décor Aid. Image... Read more »

Design in Mind: Aluminum Windows

Aluminum-clad windows are a staple of our custom builds and for good reason. Compared to other options, they are especially low-maintenance, durable, and cost-effective, and are by far the most customizable (which is exactly what we're all about!). Unlike wood or vinyl windows, there's no... Read more »

Our Top 10 Photos on Houzz in 2018

Time for a top ten countdown!! Looking back on another great year at Coats Homes, we love seeing which spaces and project photos grabbed the most attention and really inspired our followers. We love this online community of ours and are always curious to know your favorites! So without further ado,... Read more »

Dutch Colonial Meets Cape Dutch

Does this home look familiar? Maybe you've read about it on the D Magazine website, in the D AtHome weekly newsletter, or in the most recent issue of Elegant Homes. We're doing some serious happy dancing watching this project receive so much love!    ... Read more »

Salvaged Trees To Hardwood Floors

Those of us in new home construction are no strangers to demolition. Especially in the Park Cities, building a beautiful new house often means replacing another, older home. And as exciting as new beginnings are, demolition is a messy, destructive process! So when we found out there's an easy... Read more »