3721 Marquette is Finished!

Get excited because one of our most popular projects, 3717 Marquette, now has a brother just down the street! Introducing 3721 Marquette, a stunning modern home featuring some seriously stand-out custom elements. Our thanks to everyone who helped us turn another client's dream into a reality, especially David Stocker of SHM Architects,Neal Stewart Designs, as well as Costa Christ, the talented photographer who captured the final product.

To celebrate this project’s completion, we’ve put together a countdown of our favorite features. Which one takes the gold? Keep scrolling to find out.


3. Showstopping Wall Coverings

These creative wall coverings are sure to have you putting down your paint can! We love how the tile and wallpapers featured in the powder room and study below elevate the custom design of both spaces. 


2. Stylin' Stairs

We are firm believers in the power of a sleek staircase, which you may already know if you've read our recent Stair Masters blog post. The gravity-defying 3721 Marquette staircase features individually-installed floating steps with LED underlighting and a custom glass railing.

Now, drum roll please... Coming in at #1:


1. Hidden Doors!

These disguised doors are the cherry on top. We love the concept of a hidden doorway and love the sophisticated texture added by the materials chosen. We think James Bond would be a fan.

Inspired and in love with our job,

Coats Homes