Style Match: You and Your Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer for your project will tie together the ultimate vision for your home, but choosing someone to convey your personality through design can be a daunting task! Erin Sander joined us in our latest video to discuss some tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing your... Read more »

A Good Team Equals a Fun Process

If there’s one thing people underestimate about the home building process, it is the time that it takes. Our typical time frame for a home build is 14-16 months, and that’s after the pre-construction phase, which can last 6 months to a year (choosing architect, designer, plan... Read more »

Must Have Home Features

What better question to ask one of our favorite architects than what his 3 must have home features are! If you can’t “do it all”, David Stocker of SHM Architects says to do a fireplace, do photos on the walls, and do an incredible master bathroom. Let’s talk about why a... Read more »

Created to Create

Art is a key part of personalizing your space and elevating your style. It’s no secret that how you decorate can also affect how you feel. Carolyn Daniel creates big, beautiful, and bright paintings that evoke happiness and excitement! Not only do the colors create an ambiance of happiness,... Read more »

The How and Why of Interior Design

When it comes to home building, interior design, architecture, and decorating, there are different fee structures for everyone. It is important to understand how a fee structure works when considering taking on a home building or home improvement project. Erin Sander breaks down her interior design... Read more »

Keeping Modern with Smart Storage

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, our homes are about beauty AND function! So, when it comes to storage, we aren’t going to look the other way. In the latest episode of our extended video series on YouTube, Jen Coats spills all the secrets about how to be smart with... Read more »

Where to Splurge and Save

When taking on a home building or home improvement project, we all wish we had an unlimited budget to make our dream home come alive. However, an unlimited budget is not exactly realistic…at all. So, this leaves many people asking, “where should I splurge and where should I... Read more »

Traditional Materials on a Modern Home

As the saying goes, opposites attract, and that doesn’t stop at people or physics. In the latest episode of our video series, David Stocker discusses how he chose to use traditional materials to create a modern design on our Stonegate project. Shingles have historically been associated with... Read more »

When the Plans Change

If you have watched HGTV for any amount of time, you’re familiar with the fact that when building or renovating a home, some sort of setback seems inevitable. Setbacks aren’t just for reality TV, they happen! In the latest episode of our Coats Homes video series, Jamie Charles joins us... Read more »

Custom Build with Purpose

At Coats Homes, we prioritize building beautiful, functional homes. We never want a family to finish building their dream home and later find out that they only use half of it. When you have the opportunity to design and build your dream home, exactly as you like it though, the choices and... Read more »